Whether your dad likes gadgets or tools we have found gifts to fit everyone's budget, but more importantly, we've spoken with a handful of dad's to see what they're hoping for this Fathers Day.          

Children around Texoma, listen up. We may have caught your father scoping out what he'd like for Fathers Day.   

Teddy Underwood wants, "Probably a new table saw. Mine went out."      

Darrel Bailey says, "Anything specific from my family, no. Just better times is all."     

Roy Sanders is hoping for, "Money."      

Shoppers say the current economy is making them rethink their budget for Fathers Day. Christian Raisor says, "It's had to be smaller because of prices going up and everything and just the economy." But there are ways to beat spending a bundle.     

At Lowe's, managers say top gifts include sale items, like grills, shops vac's, flashlights, power tool sets, and gift cards.      

Employee James Hill says, "They're looking for better deals, all the items that are clearenced out."      

Store manager Mark Henson says, "A lot of people are staying home and enjoying they're backyard instead of going out to dinner."     

If your dad is more high tech, Best Buy employees say some of their biggest sellers are GPS', flat screen TV's, and game systems.      

Supervisor Brad Leitz says he's noticed this year shoppers are doing their research before picking out a gift. "The ladies that come in and shop know more about the products they're looking for."     

And some of the best gifts are free. Daniel Bennett says, "I want all my kids to come see me."  

Vanessa Bolano, KTEN News