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TXDOT Projects Bring In Hundreds OF Jobs To Grayson County


Approximately $11 million dollars -- that's part of President Obama's stimulus package -- is now officially coming to Grayson County. Thursday, transportation commissioners in Austin approved more than $1 billion in highway work. KTEN's Vanessa Bolano has more.

Traffic on Highway 75 in Sherman and Denison can be slow at times, especially with all the construction going on. But, the good news is it's creating jobs. And with the approval of three more projects in Grayson County, officials expect to add 300 more.

As you drive into Sherman on Highway 75, road-work signs and construction crews can be seen for miles. And, plan on them being there for the next several months.

Thursday, billions were approved for road work in Texas, and about $11 million of that is coming to Grayson County. TXDOT engineers say they'll use it to fix up F. M. 902, F. M. 121, and the intersection at Highway 75 and F. M. 691, just south of the new TMC.

And, the projects are bringing in 325 jobs, to be exact. Currently, TXDOT crews are getting ready to repair the bridge that's about a mile south of the Texas travel center.

Beginning March 11th, all traffic headed north will be rerouted to the service road for about a mile until April 2nd.

Crews hope to begin working on F. M. 691 in the next few months.

- Vanessa Bolano, KTEN News.