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Stimulus Dollars Go To Local Road Projects


You're going to see some changes to area roads within the next year. That's according to the Texas Department of Transportation, which is getting $20 million of the federal stimulus package to go toward road projects in the area. KTEN's Jhen Kordela has which projects are in the works.

It wasn't too long ago that TXDOT was experiencing budget problems and had to cut more than a billion dollars worth of road projects. Now, stimulus money has paved the way for new plans. 

Grayson County will see $7 million of the Paris region's $20 million. That should make way for two projects: F.M. 121 from U.S. 377 to State Highway 289, And F.M. 902 from U.S. 75 to State Highway 289. The stimulus package has also allowed for a one-mile mobility project to widen F.M. 691 at U.S. 75 to four lanes with turn lanes in the middle.

"The projects that we're not able to fund under the typical, conventional funding, we were able to add a little bit more projects," says Noel Paramanantham, of TXDOT. "We still have a large gap as far as the projects that we need you to construct, but the stimulus money is definitely going to help us."

TXDOT submitted seven projects, but the stimulus money would only pay for three. The projects set for F.M. 121 and 902 would potentially start in April. The plan for F.M. 691 is set to begin in August. 

These are all preliminary figures right now. The Transportation Commission has to meet to review the submitted projects.

- Jhen Kordela, KTEN News.