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What's With the High Electric Bills?


Just how much was your last electric bill? For most of us, it's more than we want to pay.

Tuesday the Denison Chamber of Commerce offered some tips to try and save you money.   We've told you before that electric rates are up, and it a lot of it comes down to predictions.   If the big companies expect higher gas prices down the road, that's what you'll pay down the road; even if they're not that high.   As turns out, that's exactly what's going on now.

The price of natural gas has actually gone down but we're stuck in the higher bills.   The top tip at Tuesday's meeting: shop around.   Compare prices and see what fits your budget best.   One suggestion, if you can sign up for a set rate on your monthly utility bill, do it.   If you don't, you could end up paying excessive default charges.

"We want people to know they have options" says energy expert Jim Bono. "There's more choices here than in a lot of places and it can really save you money to check out other providers."

This works a lot easier in Texas than in Oklahoma because Texas offers more choices.   In Oklahoma, you're limited to just a few providers.

Scott Sager, KTEN News