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Carter County Appraisers Assess Damage


Carter County officials continue to assess the damage through out the county more specifically in Lone Grove.  KTEN's Meredith Saldana has more.

Appraisers tell me that the taxes are based on the year and condition of your home.

So Monday they were out looking for any damage caused by the storm, and ways to save you money.

With mobile homes, a partially damaged home is usually unlivable and will be assessed at a value of zero, removing the owner from the property tax roll for 2009.

Donnie Collins, Chief Appraiser, says, "I know there's so many things to be worried about.  Kim Cain our assessor knows.  If we can do this for them it's one less thing to be anxious about and we can get those that are destroyed like this off of the tax roll and give them the opportunity to start rebuilding."

Anyone with questions about their property's status can contact the assessor's office at 580-223-9594.    

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News