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Behind the Kitchen Door, 2/19/09


Clean up efforts continue in Carter County after last week's tornado. Picking through all the debris can pose a big safety risk to your health. KTEN's Katy Blakey has some tips to keep you and your family safe in tonight's Behind the Kitchen Door.

From homes wiped out to minor wind damage - the destruction left by the Lone Grove tornado is widespread. More than 100 homes and businesses found themselves in the path of the storm.  Cleaning up can be tricky, sifting through mangled metal and splintered wood.

That's why the Carter County Health Department is stressing the need for tetanus shots and wearing protective clothing as you rebuild.

Food safety is another concern. Many people were without power for hours, even days. Any dish that hasn't been refrigerated at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or less isn't safe to eat.

Health officials say throw away any food that's been out for too long. Toss the perishables and any foods that are not sealed and have snap lids or crimped caps like coke bottles.

Some canned foods may be salvageable as long as they are not bulging, opened or damaged.  The experts say remove the labels, wash the cans and dip in bleach solution. But of course, if you have any concerns, play it safe.

"There's a simple rule to remember when in doubt: any food product throw it out," said Grayson County Chief Sanitarian Marshall Ward.

Of course you also need to sanitize your floor, walls, countertops - anything that was exposed due to the storm. Wash with soap and warm water, rinse and then sanitize with a bleach solution.

Check out the Oklahoma State Health Department website for more safety tips:

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