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Lone Grove Family Loses Homes and Businesses


The tornado destroyed a Lone Grove family's property and several businesses they owned just off of Highway 70.  We've seen a truly amazing community come together.  Complete strangers were helping families sort through the damage.   KTEN's Meredith Saldana has their story.

John's furniture off Highway 70 was one of the businesses completely destroyed.  

"I broke down bawling and the first thing that I thought of honestly was like I said I didn't expect the furniture store to be completely gone but my first reaction that's the way he makes his living what's he gonna do now," says Trina Quinton.  Quinton's family has owned a large piece of property off Highway 70 since she was a child, they own rental homes and a furniture store.     

She says she remembers playing on the property and is devastated that in one night everything was destroyed.     

The family who was renting a home on the property hid in the closet when they heard the tornado coming.

Lana Hartman talks about the experience, "I mean it was just sucking us up to the point that we were all hanging on to her and she was going first."     

The family says the tornado seemed like an eternity and was the scariest moment of their lives.     

The owners of the nearby furniture store are also related and lost their entire business.  

There was nothing left of John's Furniture in Lone Grove.

Crews are were out there cleaning up trying to salvage anything they could from their business that was destroyed after Tuesdays tornado.

Bobby Taliaferro's family owns the business, "It was really bad, that's all I can say.  I just almost cried when I saw it this morning.  You expect it to look bad but when you see it it's a lot worse than what you're expecting."

The owners of Johns Furniture say it might take a while but they plan on rebuilding.  

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News