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Update: Midday TX/OK Road Conditions


An ice storm moved into our area freezing roads, shutting down bridges and causing multiple wrecks Tuesday morning.

KTEN's Vanessa Bolano and Meredith Saldana have been tracking road conditions on both sides of the Red River.    

Crews in Denison were busy cleaning up after mother nature. Authorities say one wreck on Highway 75 and 691 was caused by slick road conditions. First responders say the driver was heading north on Hwy 75 when she lost control while crossing an overpass. That's when her car veered into the center median and flipped. She was trapped inside but crews say she was responsive and transported to TMC with non-life threatening injuries.

This morning authorities in Denison also shut down Highway 75 from Spur 503 in Denison to the Red River Bridge. The area was shut down for about 2 hours. They say the bridges were all coated in ice. At this time they have re-opened the area.
As off noon Tuesday all Denison firefighters have worked about 15 accidents. They say most of them have been fender benders where cars skid into other cars or railings. If you have to drive today authorities are asking you to slow down and leave plenty of travel time.

Oklahoma has been dealing with icy roads since yesterday. So far the ice is responsible for at least one death and numerous power outages.

By lunchtime roads were better, but drivers were still facing icy patches. O-DOT crews have been working around the clock treating bridges and overpasses. Troopers worked at least six accidents overnight and several in the morning hours.

Authorities caution you not to hit your breaks when you hit an area that's slick. Hitting your breaks can easily cause you to loose control. Ardmore police warn that even though the roads look better you should still be driving several miles under the speed limit.

Vanessa Bolano and Meredith Saldana, KTEN News