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Behind the Kitchen Door, 1/22/09


In "Behind the Kitchen Door," salmonella caused by tainted peanut butter has been linked to nearly 500 cases nationwide and spanned 43 states. Now, those cases are being reported in Texas. 

It may be a daily part of your diet. You're morning energy bar, PB&, crackers, ice cream, even your pet's food.  At least 125 products containing peanut butter and peanut butter paste are being recalled. It stems from a possible salmonella contamination at the Peanut Corporation of America, a Georgia based company. According to the Food and Drug Administration -- the company distributed the peanut product to 32 manufacturing companies.

Health officials expect more products may be added to an already long list. This week, PetSmart began pulling their brand of dog biscuits from the shelf. Doctors say not only could the peanut-flavored treats sicken your pets, but you too -- If you pick up the bacteria and transfer it to your own meal.

While no cases have been reported in Grayson County, Chief Sanitarian Marshall Ward says it is possible. Peanut butter and paste have a long shelf life and many people may have affected products in their home without knowing, meaning the number of salmonella cases linked to these products could rise. 

For know, the safest way to prevent the outbreak from affecting your family -- check the FDA website or avoid peanut butter products until the outbreak has been contained. 

For a complete list of recalls:

Katy Blakey, Behind the Kitchen Door, KTEN News