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TXDOT's Efforts To Protect Drivers in Icy Conditions


Icy weather continues at midday across the area creating hazardous driving conditions. KTEN's Deeda Payton met with the Texas Department of Transportation about their efforts to protect drivers today.

TXDOT is chatting the roads for traction and also following that with a chemical called meltdown-20 that starts the deicing process, but they say drivers still need to be cautious, especially on bridges.

Many cars and trucks have slid off the roads today.  A truck rolled off of the southbound lane of 75 in north Sherman just before noon.

Kevin Harris of TXDOT says drivers need to take it slow today especially south of Farmington Road on 75 where it is extremely icy. "There's about 175 bridges in Grayson County and 62 on 75 alone. All four or five of our vehicles are out it is just hard to cover...we're doing all we can."

Harris says if you don't have to head out today, don't. If you plan on driving though, look out for TXDOT vehicles chatting and deicing the roads, as well as emergency vehicles.

Once again be extra careful on steep inclines and bridges and if you hit a patch of ice, don't slam on the breaks, just ride it out.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.