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Grayson Co. Family Escapes House Explosion and Fire


    The victims of an overnight fire in Tom Bean say they heard an explosion before flames engulfed their home.

   It happened Saturday night just about 10 o'clock at a home on White Mount Road.

   Flames shot from the roof of the home shortly after those inside were able to escape. 

  "When I opened the back door it blew me all the way to the dining room table," said Anthony Wese. "We grabbed the dog, and me and my uncle got out.  The house is gone, but we are safe."

  "When I got up out of this chair, I went to the back door," Eddy Riggsby said.  "I opened it and all that hit me in the face was moke and stuff, and so we went out the front door and that's all we know."

   Firefighters stayed on scene throughout the night working to get the fire under control.

   No word on what caused the fire, but the home was destroyed.