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Carter County Voters Cast Their Ballot


Lines at the polls have been long in Carter County as well.  Several polls in Ardmore had people lined up this morning before they ever opened.  KTEN's Meredith Saldana has more on our continuing election coverage.

Several voters at the polls said they would have liked the opportunity to have had a chance to see Senator Obama and Senator McCain here in Oklahoma before the elections.     

Senator McCain is expected to win in Oklahoma even though he and Senator Obama never visited the state during their campaigns.     

Several voters say they were disappointed they didn't get to see the candidates in person talking about issues that are important to Oklahomans.     

While others say they didn't expect the candidates to stop by the sooner state.       

Voter Win Patton says, "Well, this wasn't really a battle ground state.  It was pretty much already in the bag for McCain so it was like Obama knew he wasn't going to win this state, McCain knew he was, so he's got other places that were battleground states that were a little more important in the electoral college."

Republican officials are predicting McCain will get his largest percentage victory in either Oklahoma or Utah.

According to the Associated Press- although McCain is expected to win the state Democrats actually outnumber Republicans in voter registration with 1.1 million to about 860,000.

However, in a presidential election, Oklahoma hasn't voted Democratic in decades.  Not since 1964 to be exact.     

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News