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Bryan County Voters Head to the Polls


 Residents walked in and out of the polling site off North 16th avenue in Durant all day Tuesday.  

Some say they couldn't make it to early voting, others didn't want to.     

Darren Cravens says, "I believe in voting on the day to vote. That's what I believe in."     

Ralph Montgomery says, "Tthis is my day, my time, I don't believe in early voting."     

Most residents agree, voting is a right every American should take advantage of.           

Becky Stilwell says, "It's our right, privilege, responsibility to come out, and vote and to make our voice heard."     

For Amanda Fraser it's was the first time she could vote in an election, and she wasn't going to pass up the opportunity.     

"I always tell my family, if you don't vote you lose your right to complain, so I have to vote so I can keep complaining."     

In Bryan county polls close at 7 Tuesday night.

Vanessa Bolano, KTEN News.