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Madill's 1245th Is Back At Home


Another Oklahoma National Guard Unit returns home from Iraq.  The 1245th has been serving overseas for the last year and Tuesday they were finally home with their loved ones.  KTEN's Meredith Saldana reports.

Commander Thomas Mackey says their biggest goal was to return with everyone they left with a year ago.     

Mackey says the experience in Iraq over the last year was different for each person deployed overseas.     

He says everyone had a different job and different levels of responsibility which for some was extremely stressful.     

He adds that his group's job of detainee operations was a very important operation but everyone is glad to be home.

First Sergeant Jerry Hutchins says, "Everybody's really happy to go home.  Just glad to be here, just ready for it to be over with so they can get out of here and go home to their families."

The most important thing for Mackey, "Seeing my family I didn't get to go on a leave and it's been since Christmas that I've seen my wife and kids and you know just coming home to see my wife and kids and my mom and dad.   You know just everybody coming home that's the big thing."

Several people said this was the perfect time to come home just in time to spend the holidays with their families.

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News