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Ardmore Schools Partner with Goddard Center Outreach Program


From news release:

Ardmore City Schools Recognizes Partnership with Charles B. Goddard Center Arts Education Outreach Program

Ardmore City Schools would like to recognize the Goddard Center Arts Education Outreach Program for their integral part in the increased access to art education throughout the Ardmore school system.  Through this important partnership the fine arts are being introduced to Ardmore students in innovative and numerous ways.

The program which was established in 2006 is providing the avenue for Ardmore City Schools to enrich students' education and lives through the visual and performing arts.  Since funding for art education at the state and national level is limited, at best, the association with the outreach program is both timely and meaningful.  Currently, Ardmore High School, Take II Academy and Ardmore elementary schools are benefiting from the grant-funded program being offered by The Goddard Center.

When contacted by Maria Parrott, Director of The Goddard Center, ACS administrators quickly accepted the offer of participating in the Arts Education Outreach Program.  Parrott stated, "Outreach was started to serve underserved populations.  The monies we have received in grant-form, sponsorships and donations are set aside specifically for programs for the underserved.  As a cultural center we can serve the community by identifying gaps in art education and then begin to work with the organization.  We ask "What do you need?" and then work together to develop a program.  That is what we have been able to do with Ardmore City Schools." 

The impact of this program is far-reaching.  Research shows that by providing arts in the school curriculum, students' academic achievements are positively affected.   For example:  drama improves concentrated thought and story comprehension;  music improves math and reading achievement and proficiency and boosts skills for second-language learners;  dance helps with creative thinking, social tolerance and self-confidence;  visual arts improve content and organization of writing, promote reading skills and reasoning about scientific images;  and a combination of the art forms helps with reading, verbal and math skills, improves the ability to collaborate and higher-order thinking skills. 

Ardmore Schools' Superintendent, Dr. Ruth Ann Carr, concluded, "The arts enrich our lives and convey an appreciation of our world and the people in it.  Our students are able to enjoy many benefits thanks to the partnership with the Goddard Center."