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Ardmore Middle School Named 2008 Blue Ribbon School


 The mayor of Ardmore declared September 10th "Ardmore Middle School Day" after the school was named a 2008 Blue Ribbon School. Wednesday morning, the superintendent made the announcement to a gymnasium full of students, teachers and city leaders, letting them know Ardmore Middle School was one of only six other schools in the state to be honored. KTEN's Hailee Holliday reports.

Blue Ribbon Schools in Oklahoma are nominated for the national recognition by The Oklahoma State Department of Education.     

These schools are selected based on test scores, have demonstrated dramatic gains in student achievement and have at least 40% of their student population coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.     

This is the second time the middle school has been chosen since 1991.     

School administrators applauded the collaborated effort of students, parents and teachers for their hard work and determination to succeed.

Ardmore School's Superintendent Dr. Ruth Ann Carr says, "It's a validation that we're dong the right things for students. This is a summary of five years of work and I think that it says that we've had steady growth and that's what's important."

Ardmore Middle School Principal Ron Beach says, "We drew a map 3 1/2 years ago of where we wanted to be today and we've not finished we're still on that road, we're still mapping out but today is a validation, a confirmation that we are on the right road to success."

A delegate from each Oklahoma Blue Ribbon School will now travel to Washington, D.C. for formal ceremonies to be held in October.     

Another Blue Ribbon School honored in our area is Homer Elementary School in Pontoon County.

Hailee Holliday, KTEN News