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SOSU QB Strikes Plea Deal

Justin Pitrucha spoke exclusively to KTEN sports reporter Julia Morales. Justin Pitrucha spoke exclusively to KTEN sports reporter Julia Morales.

In Durant, Southeastern Oklahoma State's Justin Pitrucha was in court Thursday. The suspended football player was facing a felony charge until new information reached the prosecutor. KTEN sports director Brian Goldman reports.

When Durant Police arrested Pitrucha back in April, he was charged with a felony: possession of marijuana with intent to distribute within 2,000 feet of a school. Pitrucha could have been sentenced four years to life in prison.

But now, Pitrucha doesn't have to worry about spending any time in prison.

A woman, who says she was at the apartment where Pitrucha was arrested, admitted to bringing large amounts of the marijuana. That combined with the fact Pitrucha had only just arrived at the apartment when he was arrested convinced the Assistant District Attorney to accept a lesser charge.

Thursday morning at the Bryan County Courthouse, Pitrucha pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor: possession of marijuana. Pitrucha received an 11 month suspended sentence, meaning no prison time for the 21-year old.

Justin Pitrucha spoke exclusively to KTEN sports reporter Julia Morales, "I get a second chance, which is something most people don't get.   And I get to prove myself, prove to my teammates, prove to other people, I do want to be an athlete on the football field."

Since his arrest back in April, Pitrucha has been suspended indefinitely from the SOSU football team.

Oddly enough, Thursday morning also was the savage storm's first practice.

KTEN Sports was the ones who actually told Head Coach Ray Richards the outcome of Pitrucha's case.

Coach Richards says, "As far as I'm concerned, nothing has changed at this point.   And then, if it is over in the courtroom, then he'll have to go through internal matters with our administration... and our athletic department."

Pitrucha will likely have his suspension lifted shortly, but nothing is official yet.

Brian Goldman, KTEN Sports