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"Safe Cycling School" Keeps Motorcyclists Safe


DPS statistics show about 10% of all traffic fatalities are motorcyclists, but one course is trying to change that at the North Texas Regional Airport.     

Adrian Fatan is a DPS certified motorcycle instructor. He owns "Safe Cycling School" and teaches beginners and experienced motorcyclists how to properly ride a bike.  

"The more I teach, the safer I become. Motorcycling is an activity you have to practice over, and over so your subconscious takes over."     

Increased fuel costs have caused drivers to park their cars and hop on a motorcycle. A trend that's become dangerous.

Fatan says, "It's economic. It doesn't cost as much as a car, but lots of people go out there and they're inexperienced and this is a good was for them to get involved with it."     

The three day course costs $190 per person, plus beginners don't have to worry about bringing a motorcycle. A bike and helmet are provided.

Jessica Lockwood, KTEN News.