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KTEN Media Launches KTEN Weather Call


With thunderstorms hit our area Wednesday, it was a good time to tell you about KTEN's new technology. It will help you stay safe in severe weather. Meteorologist Collin Daly explains KTEN Weather Call.

This new technology is available right now. The KTEN Weather Call allows us to contact you, when impending weather is on the way.

In our part of the country, we know the dangerous forms weather can come in: severe storms, floods , and of course tornadoes.

Maybe you rely on local disaster warning sirens, if your lucky enough to have one.

Folks such as Jana Hall - who lives on Preston Peninsula - have been trying to get one for years. Hall says, "I've tried in the past to get the county judges to get us a tornado siren."

Instead of relying on limited reaching sirens, weather radios not specific enough for your area or your family or friends, how would like a phone call from the KTEN's chief meteorologist Alan Mitchell alerting you to a weather emergency specific to your house?

That's right.  KTEN now has the technology which can pinpoint weather emergency's to an individual address.

Here's how to get this incredible new technology. KTEN Weather Call is easy to get. Open your web browser and log on to getweathercall.com.

There you can learn more about this life saving service. To sign up, click "subscribe" then enter the address your interested in protecting and select your method of delivery be-it phone, email, text.

All this, not for $6.95 a month, but $6.95 a year.

KTEN Weather Call: what a great tool to protect yourself or your family.

But you don't need to take my advise. Take Jim Thayer's advice from our sister station in little rock, AR - KATV, "Don't hesitate, do it...the best way to keep yourself and your family safe."

I couldn't put it better myself. In Denison, KTEN meteorologist Collin Daly.