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Durant Police Department News Release for 6/24/2008


From news release:

Durant Police Department Media Reports
June 24th, 2008

2008-27902 False declaration to pawn

On 06-23-08 at approximately 1647 hours, Patrolman Dustin Thornton was dispatched to A & W pawn shop located at 4415 West Hwy 70 in reference to a false declaration of ownership to a pawn broker report.  Upon arrival, Ptl. Thornton spoke to Charles Ritter.

Mr. Ritter advised that he had a black saddle taken from his residence and reported it on 06-19-08.  Mr. Ritter stated that he called E-Z pawn and was advised to check at A & W pawn shop for his saddle.  Mr. Ritter stated that he went to A & W pawn and the employee, Anthony Cooper advised that he could not share any information with him.  Ptl. Thornton asked Mr. Cooper if a saddle that matched the description of Mr. Ritter's saddle had been pawned there.  Mr. Cooper advised that it had.  Ptl. Thornton asked Mr. Cooper to retrieve the saddle and show it to Mr. Ritter to see if it was his.  Mr. Cooper brought the saddle to the front and Mr. Ritter advised that it was his.  Ptl. Thornton asked Mr. Cooper to print him a copy of the pawn ticket.  The pawn ticket from where the saddle was pawned on 06-19-08 at approximately 1459 hours showed Anthony Ray Nash as the Pledgor.  The signature on the bottom of the pawn ticket appears to be the name of Anthony Nash, pledging that he has owned the saddle for approximately 1 year.  A copy of the report would be forwarded to the District Attorney's Office for review.

2008-27811  Burglary

On 06-22-08 at approximately 2226 hours, Patrolman Dustin Thornton was dispatched to 125 South McLean Ave. in reference to a burglary report.  Upon arrival, Ptl. Thornton spoke to the victim, Julia Sanders.

Ms. Sanders advised that she left her residence located at 125 South McLean Ave. at approximately 1600 hours on 06-22-08.  Ms. Sanders stated that she returned at approximately 2200 hours on 06-22-08 and noticed that her kitchen window had be broken out and her back door that faces South was open.  Ms. Sanders stated that she then noticed that her silver playstation 2 was missing from her bedroom that the back door opens into.  Ms. Sanders stated that she also noticed that her closet door was open and there were 2 pocket knives missing from a brown basket on the top shelf of the closet.

Ptl. Thornton spoke to Ms. Sanders father, Timothy Sanders that lives at 127 South McLean.  Mr. Sanders stated that he was in his backyard all day and did not see anyone go into the residence.  Mr. Sanders stated that John Oblak and Freddie Henderson pulled up into Ms. Sanders driveway.  Mr. Sanders stated that he asked them what they were doing and they advised him that they were just out driving around.  Mr. Sanders stated that a short time later he left his residence for approximately 30 minutes and returned to his residence.  Mr. Sanders stated that is when Ms. Sanders advised him that her residence had been burglarized.  Mr. Sanders stated that he did not want to accuse Mr. Oblak and Mr. Henderson of anything but just found it odd that they were around the residence just before he left.

There were 3 small tool marks on the door frame of the residence.  The kitchen window screen had been cut and the window was broken.

2008-27714 Narcotic Paraphernalia

  On 06-22-08 at approx. 1000 hours MPO. Jesse Petty #103 conducted a narcotics investigation at 117 W. Mississippi.  Ptl. Brian Petree #109 had received information from an anonymous informant who advised a subduct by the name of Matt was keeping large amounts of marijuana at his residence, 117 W. Mississippi.  MPO. Petty made contact with the resident Matthew Trail who answered the door.  MPO. Petty explained the information he had available and asked for consent to search his residence, and he gave consent.  Upon searching the sole bedroom in the house MPO. Petty noticed a cut in the mattress inside this bedroom which was located on the north east corner of the house.  Upon pulling the mattress away from the wall and looking inside the cut MPO. Petty discovered a glass smoking type pipe with a burnt residue inside. 

Mr. Trail stated it was his and that he forgot it was in the mattress.  Mr. Trail advised he smoked meth in the pipe approx. two months ago and must have put it there when he was messed up and forgot about it. 

  The pipe was collected and submitted into evidence.  Mr. Trail was advised that paper work would be completed and forwarded to The District Attorney's Office. 

2008-27514  Possess controlled substance without prescription

On 06-21-08 at approx. 0715 hours MPO. Jesse Petty #103 was dispatched to 1001 Parkview in reference to an unwanted quest.  Upon arrival MPO. Petty spoke with Vincent Patti who was reported as the unwanted quest by the resident of 1001 Parkview.  Mr. Patti was outside the residence near his Ford Ranger maroon pick up with OK tag#BZC357.  Mr. Patti advised that his mother who lived at 1001 Parkview was mad at him because of a girl that he let stay at her house with him when his mother was in the hospital recently.  Mr. Patti advised he had packed all his belongings in the his truck and was willing to leave, however his mother called Police because she didn't want him to take the truck because she was a co-signer on the loan paper work and title paper work.  MPO. Petty spoke with Mr. Patti's mother who gave the same general information, except she was upset with him because she had been finding drugs in the house when he stays with her.  

  MPO. Petty asked Mr. Patti to show some type of paper work on the truck which would show who was the owner.  Mr. Patti produced loan paper work, registration, and his driver's license.  When presenting MPO. Petty this paper work his hands were shaking.  MPO. Petty asked Mr. Patti if he was okay because his hands were shaking badly.  MPO. Petty asked him if he was under the care of a Doctor and told him he was concerned about him.  Mr. Patti stated that he was not under the care of a doctor and that he had hand surgery before and that was what caused the shaking.  MPO. Petty continued to speak with both parties involved and look over paper work to determine who owned the truck.  During this period Mr. Patti crowded MPO. Petty's personal space and was continually stretching his arms over his head.  Mr. Patti's hands also continued to shake.  Mr. Patti's nervous behavior had not diminished from the time MPO. Petty initially arrived to the scene.  MPO. Petty asked Mr. Patti once again if he was going to be okay and he stated yes. 

  After reviewing paper work on the truck and speaking with both parties MPO. Petty discovered that they both had equal rights to the truck and the issue would be a civil matter.  MPO. Petty then advised Mr. Patti that it was in fact a civil matter and that any of the contact MPO. Petty had with him would be a on a voluntary basis because he no longer had any reason to be present.  MPO. Petty had given Mr. Patti all his documentation back at this point.  MPO. Petty stated to Mr. Patti that he had given all his documentation back and then asked if he was good to go, and Mr. Patti stated yes.  MPO. Petty then asked Mr. Patti if he had any weapons, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, meth, or explosives in his truck, and Mr. Patti replied no.  MPO. Petty asked again if he had anything in the truck he wasn't suppose to have, and Mr. Patti then stated not that he knew of and there shouldn't be.  MPO. Petty then asked Mr. Patti if he could search his truck and he stated yes.  Mr. Patti then said I would rather you not.  MPO. Petty then asked if Mr. Patti minded waiting while MPO. Petty tried to get a K-9 on scene, and Mr. Patti agreed.  A K-9 was called on the radio.  While awaiting the arrival of the K-9 Mr. Patti said you can go ahead and search my truck.  MPO. Petty told him if it was okay with him he would just wait on the K-9 because he had said no already.  Mr. Patti said come here I will show you and walked to the passenger side of his truck.  Mr. Patti pulled a Skoal can off the dash and opened it.  Inside the can was one complete white pill and one half of the exact same pill.  Mr. Patti said they were Xanax and that was all he had in the truck. 

  The pills were collected as evidence and submitted into evidence.  Mr. Patti advised he had a prescription for the pills, however did not have a bottle or proof at the time of this contact.  Mr. Patti stated that he would get in contact with his doctor and supply MPO. Petty a copy of his prescription at a later date.  The pills were identified as Alprazolam 2mg Xanax by Geneva according to the Ident-A-Drug reference book. 

2008-27847  Vandalism

On 06-23-08 at about 0815 hours I (Ptl. Justin Blackshear) was dispatched to 1402 S. 9th Ave. in reference to a theft.

I arrived and spoke to Mrs. Crystal Thompson standing next to a blue van.  Mrs. Thompson advised someone busted out the vent windows of the work van, used to transport children in, at the Footsteps 2 Learning Child Development Center.  Mrs. Thompson advised nothing was taken but she wanted to ask me about a black bra located outside on the ground near the bumper of the van.  Mrs. Thompson advised she had no idea where it came from.  As Mrs. Thompson and I examined the interior of the van I found three socks, two in the seats and one under the middle seat of the van.  Mrs. Thompson advised they also did not belong in the van.  Mrs. Thompson advised the day care is closed on weekends and the van was the only vehicle that was damaged.

2008-27693 Burglary

On 06-22-08 at about 0738 hours I (Ptl. Justin Blackshear) was dispatched to 709 Blanchard Rd. in reference to a theft.

I arrived and spoke to Mr. Jesse Draper.  Mr. Draper reported someone had searched through his vehicles during the night.  Mr. Draper reported he returned home with his family on 06-21-08 at about 2230 hours and on 06-22-08 at about 0630 hours he got into his vehicle to go to work and noticed the passenger door was open slightly.  Mr. Draper advised nothing important was taken, just some IDs and two Sooner Care cards for his children.  Mr. Draper advised his wife was missing her wallet which was located inside the vehicle on the floor; however it just contained pictures and other ID cards.  Mr. Draper reported he noticed his 1984 black Camaro's doors where open as well, but nothing was taken.

Mr. Draper said he found some receipts, pictures, and bill slips taken from inside the vehicles on the north side of Blachard Rd. just to the west of his residence.  Mr. Draper reported a neighbor found some tools in the roadway coming home at about 0230 hours on 06-22-08 and noticed a man without a shirt jump the fence at about 701 Blanchard Rd. going northbound through the pasture; however he could not give any descriptors or age.

Mr. Draper advised his Uncle, who lived at 705 Blanchard Rd. wanted to report the same incident occurred at his residence; however he was late for work and left.  I informed Mr. Draper to tell his Uncle to come by the police department and I would take the report. 

I did not observe any foot prints near the fence where the suspect appeared to have jumped over.  I did see a trail of trampled grass where the suspect walked northbound from the fence

2008-27357 Obtain controlled substance by fraud

On 06-20-08 at about 1015 hours I (Ptl. Justin Blackshear) was dispatched to 1705 N. Washington Ave. (Dr. Donald Malone's Office) in reference to theft of prescriptions .

I arrived and spoke to Mrs. Dainn Malone.  Mrs. Malone advised she was working late on 06-16-08 and found a fax on the fax machine requesting authorization for a prescription to be filled for Erika Downs from Ritter Express Pharmacy in Atoka, Ok.  Mrs. Malone advised it was strange to have received the fax since her husband, Dr. Donald Malone, request the pharmacies to stop sending the faxes because he did not like to authorize prescriptions in that manner.  Mrs. Malone advised Erika was an employee at the office who answered the phones and handled the insurance forms.  Mrs. Malone advised Erika only handled prescriptions when she was authorized to by Dr. Malone.  Mrs. Malone reported Erika should have never faxed or signed a prescription authorization.   Mrs. Malone said she contacted Dr. Malone and asked him about the fax.  Mrs. Malone reported Dr. Malone told her to contact Ritter Express Pharmacy and asked them about the fax.  Mrs. Malone advised she made contact with Ritter Express Pharmacy by telephone and asked them about the authorization.  Mrs. Malone reported she was shocked to find out that Erika had been filling prescriptions there for months.  Mrs. Malone advised she informed Dr. Malone and on 06-17-08 they terminated Erika's employment. 

I spoke to Dr. Malone in his office.  Dr. Malone reported when he looked at the fax he was unfamiliar with the drug "Phentermine Hydrochloride" and had to look up what it was.  Dr. Malone advised he has never prescribed the medication to any of his patients.  Dr. Malone said he has treated Erika once in the past for pain; however Dr. Shyla Butt was her primary care physician.  Dr. Malone printed a patient prescription history report on Erika and advised he was horrified.  He said not only was his name on there several times, but another doctor and up to five pharmacies were included.  Dr. Malone said it could not be possible for one person to ingest the amount of medication Erika was receiving, he believed she was selling the medication.  Dr. Malone advised he has already contacted the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and reported Erika.  He advised he was told to file a report with the Durant Police Department. 

Dr. Malone and Mrs. Malone advised they were afraid that Erika had a fax machine somewhere else and could continue to authorize prescriptions.  Mrs. Malone advised she was going to try and contact the pharmacies in the area and inform them of the incident to prevent Erika from getting anymore narcotics.