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Durant Police Department News Release for 6/23/2008


From news release:

Durant Police Department Media Reports
June 23rd, 2008

2008-27763 Buglary

On 06-22-08 at approximately 1645 hours, Patrolman Dustin Thornton spoke to Joe Burgess at the Durant Police Department located at 120 South 5th Street in reference to a Burglary Report. 

Mr. Draper advised that he went to the Durant Medical Complex located at 1400 Bryan Drive at approximately 1400 hours on 06-19-08.  Mr. Burgess stated that he parked his vehicle in the parking lot and went inside.  Mr. Burgess stated that he returned to his vehicle at approximately 1430 hours and went to his residence located at 615 Muddy Creek Road in Hendrix Oklahoma.  Mr. Burgess stated he noticed at approximately 1500 hours on 06-19-08 that his medication was missing.  Mr. Burgess stated that he had 1 bottle of Hydrocodone, 1 bottle of Carisoprodol, and 1 bottle of Xaxax.  Mr. Burgess stated that he found the Hydrocodone and Carisoprodol bottles empty in his center console and the Xanax bottle was missing.  Mr. Burgess stated that the Hydrocodone bottle had approximately 117 tablets remaining from his prescription of 120 tablets and the Carisoprodol bottle had approximately 85 tablets remaining from his prescription of 90.  Mr. Burgess also stated that there were approximately 85 Xanax tablets missing out of his prescription of 90.  Mr. Burgess stated that all of the medication was in the center console of his vehicle prior to the theft.  Mr. Burgess stated that nothing else was taken.  Mr. Burgess stated that he believed that the theft occurred at the Durant Medical Complex because that is the only stop he made before he got home. Mr. Burgess stated that he must not have locked the doors to the vehicle.  Mr. Burgess did not have any information on the vehicle he was driving because it belonged to his mother.

2008-27757 Burglary

On 06-22-08 at approximately 1555 hours, Patrolman Dustin Thornton spoke to Nicholas Draper at the Durant Police Department located at 120 South 5th Street in reference to a Burglary report.

Mr. Draper advised that he went out to his 2005 Chevrolet Pickup on 06-22-08 at approximately 0600 hours that was parked at his residence at 705 Blanchard Road to go to work.  Mr. Draper stated that he noticed that the contents of the center console was lying in the floor board.  Mr. Draper stated that he assumed that his son had gotten in the pickup looking for something.  Mr. Draper stated that he drove down Blanchard Road to the stop sign at South 9th Street and noticed that his door ajar light was on and his passenger door was ajar.  Mr. Draper stated that he remembers shutting the door the night before.  Mr. Draper stated that his wife called him at work and asked if his tool kit was in his truck.  Mr. Draper stated that he told his wife it was not.  Mr. Draper stated that he was advised by his wife that his neighbor found the tool kit in the middle of Blanchard Road.  Mr. Draper stated that he then started looking in his pickup for other missing items and discovered that a small black pocket knife and two bags of sunflower seeds were missing from the cab.  Mr. Draper stated that he also noticed that a black ratchet strap was missing from the bed of the pickup.  Mr. Draper stated that his wife got up around 0200 hours on 06-22-08 because a car drove down the street.  Mr. Draper stated that his wife went back to bed after she saw the car keep going. 

2008-27727 Petit larceny

On 06-22-08 at approx. 1148 hours MPO. Jesse Petty #103 was dispatched to 2418 W. Main (Big Lots) in reference to theft.  Upon arrival MPO. Petty spoke with loss prevention officer Christopher Fontana who gave the following information.

  On 06-21-08 shortly after 1500 hours a Big Lots employee by the name of Yolanda Bertis got off work and did some shopping while still in the store.  Ms. Bertis placed a large plastic tote in a shopping cart and pushed it to the check out counter.  Ms. Bertis lifted the tote out of the cart partially to let the clerk scan it.  The clerk then noticed that it appeared as if something was inside the tote with the lid closed due to the way Ms. Bertis was holding it.  The clerk asked Ms. Bertis to open the tote and inside was two blow up type air mattresses.  Ms. Bertis then stated how much are these and the clerk told her.  Ms. Bertis then said she couldn't pay for the items.  Ms. Bertis asked if the clerk could hold them for her until she could pay for the items.  Ms. Bertis then left the store. 

  The clerk on duty that day was Sidni Rains who was not present at the time of this report.  Ms. Rains completed a statement on a Big Lots narrative summary, which is attached.  Ms. rains is listed as a witness on page two of this report.  A surveillance tape of the incident was collected and submitted into evidence. 

2008-27718 Domestic Violence

On 06/22/08 at about 1025 hours I (MPO. John Walker) was dispatched to 120 S. 5th Ave. (Durant Police Department) in reference to an assault.  Upon my arrival I made contact with Ms. Melissa Gaston and she stated the following.

On 06/22/08 at about 1000 hours she walked out of her Sister's residence (located at 304 N. Gates) to retrieve her cell phone from her vehicle and couldn't find it.  She went back inside the residence to get a phone to call her cell phone and when she walked back outside and sat inside her vehicle, Mr. Jeremy Poston drove up and tried to make her get out of her vehicle by pulling her by the hair.  She attempted to make him let go by trying to pry his hands out of her hair, when he grabbed her by the hands and cut her left index finger with his finger nails, causing it to bleed. She was able to get away from him and started backing up when Mr. Poston broke her left mirror, cutting his hand in the process.  Mr. Poston wiped his hand on the vehicle leaving blood on the hood, windshield, mirror and left front quarter panel. Ms. Gaston then drove to the Durant Police Department.  Ms. Gaston wrote out a voluntary statement and it is attached.

Ms. Gaston advised that she and Mr. Poston have been broken-up for approximately 2 weeks and she has since moved to a different address.  She also advised that she was staying with her Sister due to Mr. Poston threatening her a couple of days ago.I did observe 2 cuts on Ms. Gaston's left index finger.

2008-27276 Forgery 

         On 06-19-08 at 2030 hours, I (Patrolman Rocky McDaniel) was advised by dispatch that Mary Daniel was at the Durant Police Department and wanted to report her lost debit card. Upon arrival I spoke with Ms. Daniel who stated the following.

         Ms. Daniel stated on this date she was the Pizza Hut and had purchased her dinner with the card but had left laying on the table. She paid for the food at 1844 hours and returned to the business at 1920 hours to see if the card was found. The unknown manager stated the card was not recovered. She then contacted the card company and deactivated the card after she was advised the card was used at the same business at 1919 hours for $46.68. The following day she made contact with another manager and advised the card had been used. The manager told Ms. Daniel she could not see the receipt with the forged signature but reimbursed her the full amount of the loss.

       I spoke with a manager by the name of Allan. He stated Ms. Daniel had called and came to the business numerous time in reference to the card. He said the card was allegedly left on the table but could not locate where it had been turned in to the business. He believed it could have been an employee but could not prove it due to the cameras not working at the time of the usage.  I asked if knew who was working the table it was left on and stated the workers name was a JoAnn Reed but knew no other information other than she has worked at the business for approximately two years. I asked about getting the receipt and he stated there was not one and did not know why which makes him believe it may have been an employee.

2008-27156 Domestic Violence

On 06-18-8 at approx. 2140 hrs, I, Officer Harkey, was advised of a domestic report at the 100 blk of North 1st. Upon arrival I spoke with the victim, Ms. Laura Wilson, who advised that she had gotten into an argument with her mother over a ring that was given to her step sister. She stated that the ring was her grandmother's and that the stepsister did not have any right to have the ring. She stated that her stepfather, Mr. Rickie McGinnis, came into the bedroom and started to push her back away from her mother, telling her "don't you call anyone in this house a fucking liar".  She advised that she pushed him back and they began to wrestle around, until he pulled her leg out from under her and she fell to the ground where he held her down, and then told her to leave the house or he would call the police and have her removed from the residence. She advised that she got up and left the house and walked to the new parking area in the 100 blk of North 1st. There were no signs of injury to Ms. Wilson.

     Mr. McGinnis advised that Ms. Wilson was screaming at everyone in the house and he was trying to separate her so she did not hurt anyone, and that is when they fell to the ground. He stated that he did tell her to leave, due to the fact that she had become out of control. He also stated that she was off her medication for bipolar disorder, and was getting harder to deal with. There were no signs of injury on Mr. McGinnis at the time.

2007-27447 Vandalism

On 06-20-08 at approximately 2258 hours I, Ptl. Drew Hale, was dispatched to 1020 N. 10th Ave. (Dixon Durant Park) in reference to suspicious activity. Dispatch advised me that someone had called and reported hearing loud noises coming from the restrooms at the park. Upon my arrival I observed five subjects, later identified as Ms. Terrie Cash, Ms. ----- (juvenile), Ms. ----- (juvenile), Ms. ----- (juvenile), and Mr. ----- (juvenile), walking eastbound on the north side of the park. As I got out of my car the five subjects began running and I chased after them, catching them on the east side of the Durant Middle School. I asked them why they were running and they told me because someone had called them and told them that some people were coming to "beat them up" and they thought that I was that person.

  I had all five subjects walk back to where the restrooms were located with me. I looked inside the restrooms and inside I observed that the tank lids on all of the toilets in both restrooms had been removed and broken on the floor. I asked the five subjects if they were responsible for damaging the toilets and they advised me that they were not. One of the subjects advised me that three other people had gone into the restrooms and that they heard a loud crash while the three other subjects were in there.

  I asked if any of them knew the names of the other people that had gone into the restroom and they advised me that they did. They advised me that the other three subjects names were Ms. ----- (juvenile), Mr. ----- (juvenile), and Mr. ----- (juvenile).

2008-27093  Forgery

  On 06-18-08 at approximately 1053 hours I, Ptl. Drew Hale, was dispatched to 1100 Oak Ridge Dr. in reference to forgery. Upon my arrival I spoke with Ms. Glenna Ellis who advised me that her sons girlfriend, Ms. Lisa Abshire, had forged two checks. Ms. Ellis stated that in December of 2007 she was hospitalized and that her son and Ms. Abshire had been staying with her at 1320 N. 2nd Ave. She stated that when she was released from the hospital she was sent directly to a nursing home and has not been home since and has not had any contact with her son or Ms. Abshire. Ms. Ellis advised me that her checkbook was left at her house. Ms. Ellis advised me that she began having her bank statements sent to the nursing home and she noticed two checks that had been written to Ms. Abshire that she did not write. She stated that one check, #4326, was written on 12-05-07 in the amount of $200.00 and the other, #4327, was written on 12-14-07 in the amount of $250.00.

  I asked Ms. Ellis if she has tried to contact First United Bank regarding this matter and she advised me that she had but that they would not speak to her because her brother has taken over the account.

2008-27218  Larceny

On the 19th day of June 2008 at about 1057 hours, Ptl Clayton Yarbrough was dispatched to the Durant Police Department for a walk in larceny report. Upon his arrival he made contact with Andrew Higgins, Higgins stated his brother Nickalaul Higgins advised him that he noticed his laptop computer   was gone off the coffee table and the Red Dixie cup with ($47 in quarters) that was on top of the refrigerator was gone also. Ptl. Yarbrough asked Andrew Higgins where he was when the items were taken he stated he was at his parents house in Heavner Ok. Ptl. Yarbrough asked Higgins if he knew who might have taken the items he stated that Nickalaul had seen his landlord Larry Fite at the residence around 0300 hour on Monday. Higgins stated Fite had been at the residence on Friday doing some maintenance work.