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Grayson County District Attorney's Office News Release for 6/5/2008

Jeffery Wayne Cooksey Jeffery Wayne Cooksey

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            On Wednesday, June 4, 2008 a Grayson County jury sentenced Jeffery Wayne Cooksey, age 44, from Denison to 17 years in prison on the charge of Driving While Intoxicated-3rd Or More Offense.  The jury deliberated approximately three hours before convicting Cooksey after two days of testimony in Judge Jim Fallon's  15th District Court.   The sentence was just three years less than the maximum 20 year sentence available for the crime.

              The charge arose from a traffic stop on F.M 84 near Denison on August 11, 2007 by the Texas Department of Public Safety. After stopping a vehicle for speeding, Trooper J.R. Odem administered a battery of field sobriety tests and concluded that Cooksey was legally intoxicated.  The jury also heard about Cooksey's two prior DWI convictions from Tarrant County.  Evidence was also presented that Cooksey has been at boating at Lake Texoma and he admitted to the Trooper that he had been drinking beer. 

            During the punishment phase of the trial, evidence was presented by the State that Cooksey has several prior felony drug convictions, including two cases of Possession of a Controlled Substance from Grayson County and a 2005 conviction from Bell County, Texas for Manufacturing a Controlled Substance-Methamphetamine. The jury learned that Cooksey was on parole for the Bell County conviction when he was arrested for this 3rd DWI offense.   The charge is a second degree felony, punishable by 2 to 20 years in prison, and up to a $10,000 fine, based on Cooksey's prior felony conviction. 

Before pronouncing sentence in this case, Judge Jim Fallon granted a request from the State for a "stacking order", making this conviction run consecutive to Cooksey's 2005 Manufacturing conviction.  Cooksey is on parole for that charge until 2015.   He will not begin serving the 17 year sentence handed down by the jury until he completes the sentence on the Bell County case.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Brett Smith, who serves as a contract prosecutor under the District Attorney's Jail Population Reduction Program.  "These are the kind of repeat offenders that we want to focus on getting to trial quickly, off the streets and out of our County Jail and on to prison," said Smith.   Smith was assisted in trial by Assistant District Attorney Laura Gibson.   Sherman attorney Micah Belden represented Cooksey.

            "We continue to see people put lives at risk on the roadways by driving while intoxicated," said Grayson County District Attorney Joe Brown.   "This man had a pattern of criminal behavior and we are pleased with the message the jury's verdict sent."