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Lake Texoma State Lodge and Golf Course is Sold


The Texoma State Lodge and its old golf course is sold. Pointe Vista Development bought the land for four-and-a-half-million dollars. Pointe Vista purchased 550-acres from the state of Oklahoma back in January. Then yesterday they purchased an additional 222-acres, and hopes to purchase one-thousand more.

Pointe Vista Development has plans to build an upscale resort area on their newly purchased land. And, the private company will demolish the Texoma State Lodge and golf course to make room. Ryan Chapman of Pointe Vista Development says once they agree on a design the company will start the building process.

Chapman says even though the land and therefore the resort area is privately owned it will still be open to the public. He says the benefits for both locals and tourists are huge as the resort will bring recreation, business, and employment opportunities to the area. He adds that Pointe Vista is even offering a discount for Oklahoma residents who live within a 20 mile radius.

Now, I spoke to a local business owner, who would not go on camera due to pending legislation, who tells me he is being forced off of his land and disagrees with how taxpayers are being treated during this situation.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.