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Pointe Vista Seeks to Buy Catfish Bay Marina


A meeting regarding the sale of Catfish Bay marina was held in Oklahoma City Wednesday.  The popular marina at Lake Texoma is being sought after by a large development company.  KTEN's Meredith Saldana reports.  

The Pointe Vista developers are looking to buy the marina but commissioners say both sides have been given 28 days to work out an agreement.     

Rumor's have been spreading for the last few months about whether the marina was actually for sale.  

I spoke with the Director of the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department, Hardy Watkins, who says a meeting was held Wednesday in Oklahoma City with the Oklahoma Tourism Department, marina owners and developers to discuss the possible sale and possible expansion.

One local boater says he doesn't like the thought of a change in ownership and doesn't like the proposed 750-million dollar expansion.

"Because it's gonna be packed, overwhelmed.  It's not gonna be peaceful anymore."     

The possible expansion will include, condo's, lodging, a convention center and lake front private homes and rentals.  But Watkins says if that does happen it will be about a year before they can start.      

Catfish Bay Marina owner, Sherri Williams, says as of Wednesday morning there was no agreement between the two parties.

She did also say that selling the marina was not their first choice but that they just want what's best for everyone, the people in the area and the boaters.       

Williams and Watkins both said they are confident that an agreement will be reached within the next 28 days.     

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News