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Drug Trafficking on Interstate 35


While covering 81-miles of Interstate 35, Oklahoma Highway Patrol Troopers out of Troop F say the busy highway is also a hot spot for drug trafficking. While drug arrests are common, tracking down vehicles containing the drugs is usually just luck.  KTEN's Hailee Holliday reports.

Troopers say many times when they pull someone over, they have no idea what could possibly be inside the vehicle.     

Recently, troopers pulled over a motor home in Love County for erratic driving and ended up confiscating nearly 350-pounds of marijuana.     

Troopers say alot of times once they have pulled someone over, either the driver or the passenger's nervous body language makes them look like they are hiding something and usually they are.     

Trooper David Duggan says, "It's very common to find, especially on Interstate 35 with the amount of traffic that goes north and south, it's very common to find for someone running either drugs or drug proceed money up and down the interstate. It's just finding them is the problem."

While covering 6 counties, law enforcement out of Troop F say their goal is to not only help crack down on drug trafficking on the interstate, but also help from bringing the product into nearby counties.

Hailee Holliday, KTEN News