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Texas Snow


We have live team coverage of the winter storm. We have reporters scattered throughout South Oklahoma and North Texas. We start in Grayson County where today's winter storm may seem more like a blizzard to local motorists.
     KTEN's Deeda Payton reports.

Just a little while ago i drove to and from Sherman by way of highway 75.   The snow accumulated quickly, literally in mere moments. The precipitation started out as a rain-sleet mix and not long after, turned into thick clumps of snow.   The half-dollar sized snowflakes were blowing in horizontal showing no signs of stopping.   You're looking at some of the video I shot while at a stand-still in Sherman near the Washington Street exit.   You can see my windshield wipers working overtime to clear the snow and on the way back they could barely maintain full motion.  

Every ditch between Denison and Sherman was filled with cars, cars that had either slid off the road or just given in to the hazardous driving conditions.   Thanks to the tracks of the four-wheel drive vehicles in front of me, I was able to stay on the road.   The bridges seemed to be the most difficult obstacles. The average speed on 75 was about 15 miles per hour.

If you do not have to be on the roads, please stay home.   Nearly every major road has been blocked or backed up with traffic accidents.   Now if you absolutely have to get out, do remain calm, stay off the brake and if you pull over make sure you turn on your hazard lights.   Also, scrape the snow off of all of your windows and mirrors not just your windshield.   And maintain a safe distance between you and other cars.  

Finally, even if you know you are an excellent driver be aware that others may not be, so be extra cautious not only for yourself, but for other drivers .
Deeda payton, KTEN News.