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DEQ Encourages Oklahomans to Recycle Oil


From news release:

Many Oklahomans relied on generators for power during the recent ice storm.  Most manufacturers recommend changing the oil in equipment that runs on small engines, such as a generator, every 30 to 40 hours of use.  The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) urges residents to recycle used oil from generators as well as cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, farm equipment, and lawnmowers.

When oil is dumped, it can be harmful to wildlife and the environment.  Oil can also contaminate waterways resulting in pollution of drinking water sources.  According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the used oil from one oil change can contaminate one million gallons of fresh water, which is a one year supply for 50 people.

Used motor oil can be recycled into new oil, processed into fuel oils and used as raw materials.  EPA estimates if all Americans who change their own oil recycle the petroleum-based product, it would be enough motor oil for more than 50 million cars a year.

When changing oil, keep a few things in mind:

  • Never pour oil down a storm drain
  • Do not pour it onto soil or into a waterway
  • Put used oil in a sturdy container and take it to a local service station or oil retailer

A list of most service stations or retailers that accept used oil is available at Additionally, many communities have household hazardous waste programs that accept used oil, and in some areas used oil can be taken to a city or county barn.  For more information on recycling or proper oil disposal, contact DEQ at (405) 702-5100.