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Tips For Driving In Wintry Weather


Thursday, was a rough day for drivers traveling on Interstate 35.  Hundreds of people were stuck when the highway was closed North bound for clean ups and accidents.  KTEN's Meredith Saldana reports.  

Slick, icy roads played a part in all of these wrecks on I-35 Thursday.     

Reckless driving is always dangerous but add icy bridges and slick roads to the equation and the combination could be tragic.  694 people were killed on Oklahoma highways in 2006, 67 of those deaths all happened in the month of December.

February 17th of last year, truck driver Hugh Deason wrecked his rig because of icy weather and says now he doesn't drive in bad weather.  Deason says, "Why because I have jack knifed my tractor and trailer in the median."     

The OHP and the National Safety Council say these tips will help if you must drive in wintry weather.  Drive slower and leave plenty of room to stop.  Brake softly to avoid skidding, if your wheels do lock up  ease off the brake.  Never use your cruise control on icy roads, and be especially cautious when crossing bridges and over passes, they will freeze first.  And, just because your vehicle has four- wheel or front wheel drive does not mean it can handle icy roads. 

If you do end up stranded or in a wreck dial *55 on your cell phone and a trooper will respond as soon as possible.  Law enforcement officials also say if you don't have to get out  your best bet is to stay home.

Meredith Saldana, KTEN News.