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Pardoned Thanksgiving Turkeys' KTEN Connection


Two very special turkey were able to get a pardon from President George W. Bush this year, to not wind up someone's dinner.

President Bush said Tuesday during a White House Rose Garden ceremony, "The turkeys in today's ceremony come from the Seger family farm in Dubois, Indiana."

These lucky turkeys, named "May" and "Flower" have a very special connection to our KTEN team. KTEN meteorologist Michael Seger comes from a family in the poultry business, and "May" and "Flower" come from his family's farm in Dubois, Indiana.

Michael Seger said, "Well, believe it or not, the two turkeys that were pardoned by the President this past year actually came from my family. My family has been in the turkey and chicken business for many years and it's just a great privilege to have the two turkeys chosen this year to come from my family."

This was the 60th annual Thanksgiving turkey pardon. Every president since Harry Truman has taken part in the tradition.