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Mesotherapy Post Procedure Instructions

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  1. Apply ice to treated area (48 hours)
  2. Use arnica or traumeel gel
  3. Avoid hot bath 5-7 days
  4. Massage (self): after 48 hours up to 2 weeks
  5. Nodules: warm compress and self- massage
  6. Increase water-intake (8-10 glasses)
  7. Other detoxification program (if available)
  8. Low- carb diet (carbs are hydrophilic, they retain water)
  9. Call immediately with unusual symptoms or complications
  10. No ibuprofen for 3 days
  11. No sugars for 3 days (natural or artificial)
  12. Use Tylenol for any discomfort
  13. No tanning bed for 72 hours (3days)
  14. You may experience mild "flu like" systems, such as chills and mild body aches, during the 6-8 hours following your procedure. Drink lots of fluids and take Tylenol, if need for pain.