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As a BSI patient I am very pleased with the results of my treatments. As a 35-year-old nurse I have attempted multiple weight loss programs, with minimal results. That's what makes mesotherapy so unique. Focusing on inches instead of pounds it is affective with sculpting your body how you've always wanted it or once had. I would recommend mesotherapy to anyone who struggles with their appearance.I have lost 3 inches in 4 treatments.

Thank you for improving the way I feel about myself. I have really noticed a difference in the way my clothes fit.

Tara Jones

My name is Toni Wheeler and I have been going to Karla Chapman with Body Sculpting, Inc. to get injections to reduce fat tissue in my stomach. I have lost 4 inches and 3 pounds in two weeks without any type of side effects.

I am a nurse, I exercise regularly, I umpire softball games and I have also tried many other different things to reduce the size of my tummy and nothing worked until I used this product. I have mentioned this to my friends who have also experienced success with this procedure. I would not hesitate to recommend mesotherapy to anyone.

Toni Wheeler

When I first heard of mesotherapy it peeked my interest. Then, when I heard, "they are shots that get rid of your cellulite." My first reaction was "whatever". Well, curiosity killed the cat and 7.5 inches later in 5 treatments, which included a 10-day trip to Ireland! Karla's entire staff make you feel so at home that you aren't even thinking about the shots themselves. They are very professional and I feel like I've known them for years. Karla has made it so affordable that you can get a spa like treatment without going to the spa. What else could a girl want?

Michelle Martin