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Choosing a center

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Where do I go for dialysis?
There are two main types of kidney dialysis: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis (PD). PD patients are trained to perform their dialysis at home. Hemodialysis patients can go to a dialysis center or be trained to perform their treatments at home.

Do I have a choice where I get dialysis?
Yes. In most cases (depending on your insurance), you have the right to choose a dialysis center and to change dialysis centers if you are not happy with the one you are going to. This may mean that you need to change doctors. You can find dialysis centers close to your home using our "Find a center" tool. To learn about the quality ratings of centers near you, look them up on Medicare’s Dialysis Facility Compare website by clicking at:

Can I take a tour of a dialysis center before I start dialysis?
Yes, that’s a great idea! To arrange your tour at a DaVita dialysis center, please call DaVita Guest Services at 1-800-244-0680 from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PST).

What should I ask about a dialysis center before choosing one?
Each dialysis center is a little different. Policies and practices vary. Some will schedule treatments around your job, while others will not. Some allow patients to eat during dialysis, while others do not. Some centers have patient education and exercise programs, and some don’t. We suggest you visit centers near you before making a choice.

Can my family and friends come with me to dialysis?
Dialysis center visitor policies vary. Under privacy rules, you will need to sign a written form to permit certain family, friends, or others close to you to be with you during treatment. It may be okay to have one visitor stay with you during your treatment. A large family group might take up too much room or cause a disruption. If it is important to you to have someone with you during treatment, talk with your care team to see if it can be arranged.