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Home hemodialysis equipment options

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New, reliable and user-friendly machines and water treatment equipment are now available for home hemodialysis patients. These are easier to set up, clean, and disinfect. With some newer machines you have fewer supplies to store. Different systems work for different people, and you should work closely with your doctor to choose a dialysis method and the equipment that works best for you. It's important to note that some homes might require plumbing and/or electrical modifications to accommodate home hemodialysis equipment. These modifications might be covered by your insurance.

Equipment choices

Following are two examples of leading home hemodialysis machines available today along with their primary benefits:

NxStage-System One

Image of NxStage-System One dialysis machine. Photo courtesy of NxStage Medical, Inc.

  • Allows you to perform short daily dialysis
  • No home modifications necessary
  • Completely portable - can travel anywhere with you
  • User-friendly with simple, intuitive controls
  • Simplified setup, maintenance, and disinfection

    Fresenius-K at Home

    Image of Fresenius-K at Home dialysis machine.

  • Offers a broad range of therapies - including traditional, short-daily, nocturnal, or hybrid home hemodialysis therapies
  • Allows you to tailor your treatment to your lifestyle
  • Completely portable - can travel anywhere with you
  • Single needle capability
  • Proven, reliable technology

    How can you get more information?

    For more information, you can call (800) 244-0582 to start talking to a DaVita at Home specialist about your treatment options. Learn more about the DaVita at Home program