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Oklahoma Curfew Laws

  Many cities in Oklahoma have a strict curfew for minors on the weekdays and weekends.      Police believe that having teen curfews eliminate alot of juvenile crime.   Experts say 146 of the nations largest 200 cities enforces a curfew law. KTEN'S Hailee Holliday has the story.

      Police believe these laws keep minors safe and out of trouble.   Ardmore police say since they have cracked down on their curfew law over the last couple of years, they haven't seen as many juvenile crimes.  Ardmore police and high school students say having the 1 AM curfew on both weekdays and weekends keeps everyone safe and happy.

Ryan Hunnycut from the Ardmore Police said, "Keep them safe and keep them out of trouble.   16-year-old kids really don't have alot to do constructive past one o'clock in the morning.   There's not much open, they're not working at that time, they're out and they're bored and they're going to get into mischief".

Ardmore High School student, Caitlin Barringer said, "I think that alot of kids would get mad with an earlier curfew but it would keep alot of them out of trouble".     

Ardmore Police say if a minor is caught out past curfew, they are taken into the police department, issued a ticket, and police notify the parents to pick them up.  Police say the curfew is a priviledge and not a right, the result of curfew getting out of hand could lead to the city enforcing an earlier curfew.

Hailee Holliday, KTEN News