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Lake Texoma Lodge Privatization


We have an update today on the Lake Texoma Lodge.  There has been a lot of speculation about the privatization of the state park in Oklahoma.

Commissioners of the state land office announced today that the Pointe Vista Development company will begin turning the park into a resort-style complex. 

The state of Oklahoma has finally picked a private developer to renovate the state park...but by december 1st many park employees will be out of a job. Lake Texoma is a major tourist attraction in Oklahoma and one of it's oldest lodges will be taken out of the state's hands. The Corp of Engineers will still oversee the lake and most camping areas, but the state park is set for some major changes.

Pointe Vista Development, which is headed by two Oklahoma energy magnates will pay 14.6 million dollars for the lodge and surrounding property. The company is expected to revitalize the state-operated park, which has been losing money in recent years. 

The state will stop maintaining the main areas of the park beginning December 1. It is unsure how long the two golf courses will remain open under state maintenance. Park employees say the lodge has created a place in oklahoma history, but the new development will be good for the local area's economy.

Greg Snider, Park Manager, said, "The sad thing is the fact we're losing a part of our history, employees who have built their careers here will now have to look elsewhere. Losing a part of history is sad, but the positive is the hope the new resort will bring to the area."

The change will cost the jobs of 35 permanent employees at the lodge, as well as 20 seasonal workers.   There are about 40 golf course employees, it is unsure what will happen to their jobs.

The developers will spend up to 350 million dollars on the park creating new condominiums, cabins, a water park and a family style motel.

Katy Blakey, KTEN News.