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The ABCs of Real Estate Marketing

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What Most Realtors Do...

Advertise themselves

Bang a Sign in Your Lawn

Create an Ad for the Papers (and maybe run it)

Download Your Listings to MLS

Encourage Their Office to Show it

Figure They Might Try an Open House

Get on Their Knees & Pray it Will Sell

And This Is How Our Team Operates...
The Ultimate Home Selling System

Each Team Member Has a Specific Role To Play In The Selling Of Your Home

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"Other Realtors we interviewed told us we would never get anywhere close to full asking price for our home, and that if we listed it for what we wanted to, it would sit on the market indefinitely. Luckily, I hired The Michael Reese Team and they had our home sold in less than two weeks for almost full price. More...

"Michael sold my home for top dollar after other agents had failed to sell it.  From the very beginning we had more showings than ever, and our price was the same as it was when we were listed with other agents. Michael's team was so responsive to my needs as a seller, and they were great about keeping in touch with me and giving me feedback. More...

"As a real estate investor, it is crucial for me to have a honest, knowledgeable, reliable, and efficient team of individuals representing me for all my real estate needs. From buying, selling, and renting homes, the Michael Reese Team from Keller Williams goes above and beyond the call of duty to make it happen! More...