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FAQs of Loans

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Q: I do not have a down payment, Can I still buy?

A: Yes, there are many 100% programs available.

Q: I went thru a divorce and I think I have credit issues, Can I still buy?

A: There are many programs for people who have credit issues.

Q: I have filed bankruptcy less than 2 years ago, Can I still buy?

A: In many cases, absolutely!

Q: I have no money and bad credit, Can I still buy?

A: Depending on credit and other factors there are many people who still qualify for 100% financing. So do not let that stigma stop you from trying.

Q: I am self employed and can not prove my income, Can I still buy?

A: There are several good programs that allow self employed borrowers to have long term fixed rate financing.

Q: I am on a fixed income, Can I still buy?

A: Yes, as long as you can prove that your fixed income is going to continue for 3 years.

Q: I am wanting to buy a mobile home, I have been told I can not. Is this true?

A: Yes you can buy a mobile home with at least 5% down. It has to be a permanently affixed Double Wide and you must have good credit.

Q: I want to buy raw land, Can I get financing?

A: We have several options available including lots and acreages.