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Woman Pulls Gun On Easter Goers


A woman pulled a gun on churchgoers on easter sunday in Pontotoc County. Authorities say it was over a land dispute. KTEN's Sarah lindenberg reports.

 Neighbors say this all started when OG&E came out to lay a line down in the ground between a house west of Fittstown Methodist Church.

The church told OG&E where the property line was and they marked it off.

Come easter sunday Lorena Howry had enough.

A visiting family to the church pulled up to park.

They were met with a gun by eighty four year old Howry. She was threatening to shoot.

Deputies were on scene in minutes to calm howry down. Members of the thirty people congregation stayed inside.

Pontotoc County Sheriff said she was not arrested but taken to Valley View Hospital for a medical evaluation.

Neighbors of the church say they did not want any harm to Howry and are meeting to dicuss ways to solve the problem.

Sarah Lindenberg KTEN News