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Ardmore Boy Attacked By Pit Bull


A 4 year old boy is recovering from a pit bull attack in Carter County. Tonight, his parents are thankful the Ardmore boy was not killed, when the dog latched onto his face. KTEN's Pete Tenney talked with the family today.

Pit bulls as pets is so controversial in Oklahoma, the senate even wrestled with the debate last month. Now, an Ardmore boy is scarred from another attack. The stitches were finally taken from 4 year old Logan's face. His parents say they were visiting a family friend last weekend, who had a dog that had known Logan all its life. Yet the Pit bull reportedly clamped onto Logan's face, and now there's no law that says the dog must be put to sleep.

"He snapped, like this! At me," says 4 year old Logan.

"In Texas it's one strike you're out," says his father, Todd. "I think that's how it ought to be here."

A bill called Cody's Law failed in the senate last month.  It tried to ban pit bulls as pets in Oklahoma. Logan's parents say if four adults hadn't pried the dog's jaws from the boy's face,  he would have been killed. Doctors told them their son was almost blinded.

Reportedly, the pit bull owners promised to have their dog put to sleep, but now they've changed their minds. Logan's family says the pit bull was treated very well, but suddenly became aggressive out of instinct. Pete Tenney, KTEN news.