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Surgery of the Hand

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Surgery of the hand may be needed for a number of conditions secondary to trauma, repetitive stress injury, birth defects, vascular disorders, systemic diseases, and other conditions. Many of these conditions respond to conservative measures such a therapy, spinting, or trigger/joint injections.
Some common injuries that Dr. Papaila treats after trauma include: flexor and extensor tendon lacerations, injuries of the joints and finger bones, microscopic nerve repairs in the hand, and skin grafts and/or flaps to the hand.
Dr. Papaila also treats certain conditions that are often a result of repetitive stress injury including: limited incision carpal tunnel surgery; nerve compression in the forearm/elbow; tennis elbow; tendonitis of the wrist, e.g., DeQuervain's disease; and trigger finger.
Other hand conditions that Dr. Papaila treats include: Dupytren's contracture of the hand; rheumatoid arthritis of the hand; small joint replacements; and degeneration/arthritis of the base of the thumb, a very common disorder.