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Reconstructive Surgery

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Plastic surgery has its beginnings in reconstructive surgery, and is used in restoring form and function to deficits of the body occurring as a result of trauma, cancer, scarring, or as a result of birth defects. Since these procedures are reconstructive in nature, even procedures which improve a patient's cosmetic appearance (e.g., upper eyelid lift or breast reduction) may be covered by your medical insurance plan.

Dr. Papaila performs Reconstructive Surgery of the head and neck for a number of reasons including: skin cancers, melanomas, or moles of the face; scarring of the face due to trauma or burns; loss of peripheral vision due to excessive skin of the upper eyelids or drooping of the eyebrows; certain cases of facial paralysis; and difficulty with nasal breathing such as a deviated nasal septum, nasal fractures, or enlarged nasal turbinates.

Some of the procedures that Dr. Papaila performs that are more reconstructive in nature include: breast reduction, reconstruction of the breast with or without the need for implants, biopsy of the breast, capsulectomy or implant removal in patients with implants, and correction of breast assymetry.

Other areas of the body may require non-cosmetic plastic surgery such as: tumors deep to the skin, large varicose veins, chronic wounds, and scarring due to burns.