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Sharing the Caring: Become a Hospice Volunteer

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The Joy of Volunteering

The word hospice comes from a word meaning “comfort” and we believe that many individuals in our community want to be involved in giving comfort to terminally ill patients.

Volunteers are an integral part of a hospice team composed of doctors, nurses, administrators, social workers, homemakers, aides, and chaplains. They commit themselves to unselfish service. Most sick people aren’t afraid of dying, but they are afraid of dying alone, and in pain. Hospice—and volunteers—can make a difference for these people. Volunteers can be there in those “in-between times” when professionals can’t. They discover the true meaning of Jesus’ words, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Hospice and its volunteers are not there to “help people die”, but to seek to improve the quality of life of those whose diagnosis is terminal. We want them to enjoy each day they and their loved ones are together.

What do Hospice Volunteers do?

Volunteer service at Indian Territory Hospice includes:

·          Hospice Home Care—providing companionship to the patient in the home or care center. Reading, listening, and just being there.

·          Providing regular or periodic meals for hospice patients and their families.

·          Running errands, shopping, doing household chores.

·          Performing your area of expertise as a volunteer in music, physical therapy, nutrition, or spiritual encouragement.

·          Administrative or clerical support in one of our five regional offices: filing, answering the phone, data entry.

·          Helping develop and facilitate bereavement support for groups or individuals.

·          Assisting in blood pressure clinics, special events, community awareness events, and community memorial services.

Requirements for Participation:

·          Call for a personal interview with the Volunteer Coordinator.

·          Complete the Indian Territory Voluntary Orientation Program.

·          Volunteers must provide their own transportation.

·          Volunteers must complete an initial two-step TB screening test and authorize an OSBI screening.

·          Make regular reports on volunteer activities on forms provided by Indian Territory.

Volunteer Training
Indian Territory Home Health and Hospice provides orientation and training in how to be a companion and listener as well as the procedures for reporting and being aware of special patient needs.

Hand in Hand with Churches
Churches whose members serve with hospice patients on a regular basis may be eligible to receive monetary donations for the voluntary service their members provide. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at Indian Territory Home Health and Hospice for details.