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First and Ten Game of the Week - Week 5 - Pauls Valley vs Lone Grove


LONE GROVE, OK - "Starting district play they know it's a big game but every one of them is a big game and they're excited for the challenge" said Pauls Valley Head Coach Dusty Raper.

"It feels good to be 3 and 0 but a lot of good programs, when you're 3 and 0, it's a good accomplishment but now it's the time to move forward" said Lone Grove Head Coach Brad Osteen. 

It's not just for fun anymore, district play starts this week in Oklahoma and both Pauls Valley and Lone Grove are excited to get into the heart of the season.

"Well it's a constant grind, we have to keep working and working. It's just going to get tougher and tougher as the season goes on but we just have to keep working" said Lone Grove quarterback Colton Jones. 

"Well this is when a lot of people start to drop off and the weak quite so you know. So this is how we know who we want to be and who we want on our team and where we want to have them. And this when you know, you know, that we're ready" said Pauls Valley running back Zane Weilenman. 

Both the Panthers and Long Horns are coming off their bye weeks. Lone Grove is undefeated this season whereas Pauls Valley has only picked up one win but they know they have more in store for this year.

"One thing is we've gotten better every week. I know we won in Week 2 we actually were a better football team in the third game but we played an outstanding football team in Jones. We didn't have any turnovers and our specials teams improved dramatically from the week before. So we are getting better" said Pauls Valley Coach Dusty Raper. 

"We aren't happy. Obviously we're excited and we feel good about it. But our goal is to be the best that we can be and whatever that is, we're going to go and find out" said Lone Grove Coach Brad Osteen. 

Pauls Valley took home the dub last year 36 to 22 despite Lone Grove leading at half but these teams have really stepped up their game this year and it's going to show tomorrow night.

"You're not going to slip up on anybody they know that we can play a little bit so they're going to step up and give us their A game" said Lone Grove Coach Brad Osteen. 

"The first three games are just glorified scrimmages but we're going to be ready to go now because they all matter" said Pauls Valley Head Coach Dusty Raper.