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Visiting Florence: 6 Best Things to Do in Florence, Italy


Things to Do in Florence, Italy

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Everyone loves a good vacation, so much so that the tourism industry is booming even in today’s tough economic climate. In fact, in the US $1,036 billion was spent on travel in one year alone.

Knowing this may ease your conscience when putting money toward taking that hard-earned trip, and you should even more be at ease if you’re planning a trip to Florence. Heading to this beautiful city filled with sites, history, culture, and kind people is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that must be had.

Still, you’re probably wondering what things to do in Florence Italy. It’s such a big city that there are countless places you could start! Read on to learn six things you absolutely must do on your trip to Florence.

1. Head to the Markets

One of the coolest ways to absorb the culture and values of Florence is to go to one of the famous street markets. While you can get kitschy tourist items on any street corner, you’ll find authentic items at street markets.

Head to the Sant’Ambrogio, Central, or San Lorenzo market at some point on your trip. Talk to the people there, try to pick up some Italian, buy locally made items, and sample the food. You won’t regret it.

2. Check Out the Galleries

Since Italy is a place with a long and rich history, there are a lot of historic locations you might want to visit. Above all, though, Italy is a nation for appreciating art, which means you’ll want to visit some famous galleries while in Florence.

Take one of these tours to get good deals on trips to the most famous art galleries. You’ll see classics like Michelangelo’s David and the Fountain of Neptune, which is obviously essential to any Florence trip.

3. Appreciate the Street Art

Art galleries aren’t the only kind of art that Florence is known for. The city has a wide range of street art as well, which shows off a little bit of the culture, values, and political messages that the locals hold dear. Looking at street art is a great way to see parts of Florence’s everyday life.

4. Hike Up Giotto’s Campanile

An architectural marvel of Florence, Giotto’s Campanile is one of the most famous structures in Italy. Featuring a clock tower, this beautiful building uses classical architecture and towers high above the city. It’s lovely both within and without, so don’t miss your chance to be awestruck by it.

5. Grab a Delicious Meal

Pasta, pizza, various chicken dishes- you’ve probably had them at your local Italian place before. None of the US-based Italian restaurants can even begin to compare to the quality and fresh ingredients of true Italian fare. Invest in a nice meal while in Florence!

6. Explore!

There’s no way better to immerse yourself in a new culture and meet people than exploring. Take a couple of days and just wander the streets of Florence, doing unexpected fun excursions that you find on a whim!

More Things to Do in Florence Italy

Heading out on any adventure is an exciting experience, but getting ready to experience the magic of Florence is uniquely fantastic.

Now that you know the best things to do in Florence Italy and are able to plan the trip of your dreams, check out the ‘contact’ section of our page. You can ask us anything in preparation for your trip- we’re here to help!

Bon voyage!

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