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First and Ten Game of the Week Preview - Week 2 - Ardmore vs Ada


ADA, OK - "It's always fun to be apart of a game that means something" said Ada Head Coach Chris Berus. 

"Playing Ada week one always gets your attention. They're a tradition rich team in the state of Oklahoma and you better have your ducks in a row week 1" said Ardmore Head Coach Josh Newby. 

Battle of the Cats is a deep seeded rivalry in Southern Oklahoma that these teams take pride in. 

"It's a great atmosphere, Ada-Ardmore. It's always, there is respect on both sides of the ball like both teams both get at it. It's a great experience, especially for our young guys because of what we're surrounded by but it's a great experience to start off the year" said senior defensive end, Ethan Lyles. 

"There's a lot of people there. Everyone's, it's intense. I've only played in one, there were a lot of people there. It's kinda crazy" said senior Braden Maloy. 

Unlike many other rivalries, these two cities are just over an hour away from each other so when they play, both cities come out in full force. 

"Kids feed off that, they know how many people are in the crowd and they can hear if the crowd is really cheering. Kids love that kind of stuff" said Coach Newby. 

"To hear those people in the stands yelling and cheering for 4 quarters, it helps a lot" said Lyles. 

2012 was the last time that Ardmore lost to Ada but Coach Berus is hoping to snap that streak this season and he worked his team hard this summer to eliminate the small mistakes that have costs them over the years.

 "They're kids play really, really hard. They're aren't a lot of holes in their lineup as far as trying to find match up opportunities. You want to defend what they do, you want to block what the show and you want to match or play better than what they do" said Coach Berus. 

"They're running a very physical style offense, so we're going to have to match that physicality. You know, they're kids are playing tough and our kids are going to have to match that" said coach Newby. 

Come Friday night, the Tigers are Cougars will face off just as they have for many years. 

"You're there, you live in the moment.  it's what Ardmore and Ada, I guess, lives for, just facing off with those guys" said Lyles.