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Recycling centers suffer, others asking for help to maintain systems

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Recycling centers have a problem and ironically, part of is because of environmental initiatives in China.

“China decided to clean up its environment so they quit buying a lot of our plastics and some of our paper,” said Mike Hastings with PRo Kansas Miller Recycling Center. “Prices are based on supply and demand.”

But that’s not the only issue facilities like Hastings’ face these days.

“About a year later we started having the tariff situation and talks about China going into an economic slump,” he said.

It’s getting harder for companies like his to do the work they’re extremely passionate about. PRo Kansas expects to process nearly 2 million pounds of recyclables this year. 2,000 people come to the facility to recycle each month. A company spokesperson said that in 15 years it’s paper recycling operation has saved nearly 50 million gallons of water, 72,000 barrels of oil and 120,000 trees.

It used to be a recycling facility for the city but after centers closed in Valley Center, Haysville, Clearwater, Rose Hill, El Dorado and others – people from across the region are now coming to the Wichita facility.

Hastings’ facility is done mostly by volunteers. It also receives donations but mechanical problems have created issues.

A large horizontal baler needs additional repairs in the next few months. If you’re interested in helping the facility, click here.