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Austin Dean hopes to make permanent jump to big leagues

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One of the best parts of watching Triple A baseball is that you're seeing top talent come through and develop into the next big stars.

Currently the Marlins have six players in the MLB's top 100 prospects, and three of them were on the Baby Cakes this year.

Austin Dean isn't on that list but he's someone baseball fans in Wichita should watch for. 

"You know my big philosophy on player development is winning and I feel like you bring a winning environment down to the minor leagues you're going to bring one up to the big leagues," Austin Dean told KAKE. "It's a bottom line business you know what I mean? It's about winning and it's about losing."

When it comes to the minors, Dean has stacked up a lot of victories. 

In 2018 he was the Marlins minor league player of the year and it looked like he was on his way to finding a permanent spot in the majors. 

"It's just one of those situations where you have a lot of success in the minor leagues and you get to the major leagues and the game is a little bit different," said New Orleans Manager Keith Johnson. "There's a lot more riding on each and every pitch, every out and every play."

Dean has played in 32 games for the Marlins this year but each trip ends with another trek back to New Orleans. 

"I try to put everything into perspective. There's always a reason why my time might not be ready for them, or it is what it is. I can't get mad at the fact that I'm not there," Dean said. "I just like playing baseball and I want to be able to play."

Baby Cakes Manager Keith Johnson has seen Dean mash 17 home runs and bat .339 this year.

"Just to find the comfort of who he is when he's playing down here. If he can find that comfort up there he's going to play in the big leagues for a really really long time."