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2019 Atoka Wampus Cats Football Preview


ATOKA, OK - "We are looking pretty good, better than we did last year everybody seems to know what we are doing and we got comfortable with the coach and we are just liking it better now that we know what we are doing," said Atoka senior lineman Juan Garcia.

Whenever a new coach comes into a program there are always going to be growing pains and the Wampus Cats believe they have put all of those behind them as they prepare for a new season.

"Everybody knows how it is supposed to be and that is a lot of what we were teaching last year was just really how to get things going the right way and I think we finally have that the way we need it to go, so we are just staying on them and getting after them," said Atoka head football coach Jacob Cupp.

Not only are the Wampus Cats more familiar with their head coach headed into 2019, they also are a year older and that experience should pay off during the upcoming season.

"We did not lose too many people and everybody came back and hopefully we have a good chance this year," said Garcia.

"We are still doing pretty much all the same stuff this year and just putting in a few tweaks and then we have a bunch of freshman coming up that are probably going to help us out a lot," said Atoka senior receiver Wyatt Holland.

While Atoka obviously would like to put a bigger number in the win column, their head coach is focused on making sure his guys are trending in the right direction.

"We continued last year to get better each week, sometimes it was not as big as other weeks, but we got better each week and that is all I can ask and if we keep doing that things are only going to get better and that is what I tell these guys everyday when we are out here there are no days off," said Coach Cupp.

"Hopefully we can win a couple more games this year and work as a team, stay as a team and everybody get a long and let's have fun and play some football," said Garcia. "