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2019 Kingston Redskins Preview


KINGSTON, OK - "What you did last year means nothing, you know you still have to come out here every single game and prove yourself every game," said Kingston senior receiver Tyler Blanchard.

Kingston football is looking toward the future and it's a bright one and even though it is a new year there is plenty they can take from last season to keep this program trending in the right direction.

"The two teams that beat us last year were 13-2 and were the state champions and the runner ups were the two that beat us and we were in both of those ball games and actually felt like we should have won both of them, so the kids experienced that taste," said Kingston head football coach Tommy Bare.

A taste is nice but that is not what Kingston football is about they want to feast in 2019 and have the talent and drive to do just that.

"I have told them that was last year and that is not going to get them anything this year so we have to go create our own identity," said Coach Bare.

"That is what we are going to find out, hopefully we do not have any weaknesses, that is what we are here for is just improve on our weaknesses and to be a well rounded team and win games," said Blanchard.

With that goal in mind Kingston intends to once again be a balanced team and Coach Bare thinks they have a chance to be real special on defense.

"We have got nine starters back and I think we are going to have a great leader at quarterback in Jace Hayes, he was injured last year for the first part of the season but he got to come back and help us on defense and I think he is going to be a good leader for our offense," said Coach Bare.

The talent on this team will take them a long way and combined with the mental lessons they learned in 2018, people had better watch out for this Kingston team.

"We are a lot more mature this year, we are coming in and you can already tell a big difference in the focus between last year, last year I feel like we did not focus until the end of the year, this year we know what we want and we are focused up, practice one, practice two and everyday." said Blanchard.