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2019 Howe Bulldogs Football Preview


HOWE, TX - "Year two is always a better year than year one," said Howe head football coach Bill Jehling.

Coach Jehling is not the only one in Howe looking forward after finishing district play 0-6 last season, this year's Bulldogs team looks a whole lot different entering the season and it all starts with the veterans.

"We have got a good senior class this year and we are expecting strong leadership from our seniors and we are seeing that out on the field and in the locker room, when we have strong senior leadership on the team the vibe is just different," said Coach Jehling.

"Leadership has kind of been a big thing around here and we have more of that with our senior class and I feel like that is going to help us down the road," said Howe senior slot receiver Arturo Lowder.

The number of seniors is far from the only difference on the Howe football field, spoiler alert, the Bulldogs are going to be moving a bit quicker when they have the ball on Friday nights.

"This season we are a lot more advanced as far as an offensive scheme and defensive scheme and we have a new offense this year and the kids have bough into it,: said Coach Jehling.

"We are all pretty excited, we have a new coaching staff this year and we are putting in a new offense and our defense is going to be different this year and I think the new offense is going to help us win some more games," said Howe senior running back Caiden Harmon.

After struggling the last couple years the Howe seniors have spent the entire offseason focused on turning this program around before their time as Bulldogs comes to an end.

"It would mean a lot to us because honestly we have not won too many games and our one goal right now is to go to playoffs, so that is what we are shooting for," said Lowder.

"Anytime you have a tough district it prepares you for the playoffs, our number one goal is the playoffs and we are going to accomplish that this year," said Coach Jehling.